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ichuggedbuttermilk replied to your post: I had such a great day today but then …

I get them too. Not fun. Sorry! Hope you calm down soon.

Thank you. I didn’t even start getting them until last summer. I worry a lot but last summer I worried so much I actually fainted and thought I was having a heart attack. Now and then I will get little ones when I feel overwhelmed by anything at all. I care too much about people and I pay too much attention to strangers so even things happening in their lives makes me worry and panic (I am trying to fix this but I cannot stop feeling so much emotion for other people) Anyway, this time was really bad to the point where I feel like crying a whole lot and I feel lost and just not very happy :/

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I had such a great day today but then I had to go and have a panic attack :/

I don’t even get them often but when I do they are so ridiculous that they leave me unable to breathe and I just black-out and faint.  I scared the shit out of everyone today :o

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#my nieces bus was an hour and 15 mins late #THE SCHOOL IS 15 MINUTES AWAY #HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE #anyway i almost passed out in the 90+ heat and had to go home in a panic so my mom had to come wait at the stop #shit was insane today #and of course ben with his looking like sex in a suit #fuckkk


Benedict talking about the Emmys, his love for London and stuff…

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Benedict Cumberbatch wins Actor of the Year at the GQ awards 2014 (x)


i either hate something or get really obsessed with it

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I do not love men: I love what devours them.
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