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"i am mine.
before i am ever anyone else’s."

Anonymous asked:
So depending on all the songs people have sent you, pick your top five from the suggestions! GO!

All the time (the original song that started this whole game)

Glory Box- Portishead

I liked other ones too (Muse and Lauren’s “Closer” choice) but I think those two were my biggest faves. My mind is already thinking about smuts to set them to.

Anonymous asked:
My songs are: behind the wheel by depeche mode and drag by placebo the lyrics are soo accurate...

i love placebo kjglkdsjlrkg

Anonymous asked:
Puff the Magic Dragon.



this scene speaks to me

deaflock asked:
Life left to go by Safetysuit


deaflock asked:
Starlight by Muse. Possibly John's perspective after the Reichenbach fall...

I love Muse

Anonymous asked:
Idk if you're still doing the BC songs but Crave( Adventure Club remix) by Flight Facilties

I fucking love that song