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It’s that time again.This is the second week of “Cumber Hunger Friday” and since a lot of people seemed to like it the first time I thought I would give it another try.

Feel free to submit:
Ben Smut
Sherlock/Johnlock/Sherlolly/Khan/etc. smut
Ben Fluff
Ben Imagines (dirty or not. I know not everyone is into it)
Ben confessions of ANY variety (which will be made public on anon and off anon unless you state otherwise)
Anything basically involving Benedict that you just want to get out in the open or off your chest. This can include things open for discussion but I would appreciate it if you kept this as a hate-free zone.

Let me make it clear that I mean absolutely no disrespect by any of this. This is purely for the fantasy aspect only (and it goes without saying that this in no way represents Benedict himself) . I understand that this is not for everyone as not everyone wants to tear his clothes off with their teeth. I respect this of you. Please respect this of me.

If you do not want to see any of this,blacklist cumber hunger :)
I will also tag excessively nsfw posts as nsfw


Anyway,this starts now until I go to sleep  :D
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