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I was just casually stalking Chris Evans on IMDB when I look to my left. I feel so guilty now.
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    omg I saw this earlier
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    He was on IMDB for me too. I have no problem with it whatsoever.
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  6. onedayer said: Why is ‘casually stalking’ not a more widely used term?
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    This is BEAUTIFUL…!! *0* *runs off to imdb to try and get the lovely Khan ad too* \*0*/
  9. britishmenaremyweakness said: He’s all: “Nicole…. Why are you looking at Chris? It’s me you love! I’m better… at everything.”
  10. whybenny said: hey nicole what the fuck i see you is my name chris evans no get the fuck off that page or i will rain 23174611 kinds of darkness down on you
  11. redandbluebowties said: Why is ben in the background? I’m confused….
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